Deadlines for Ivy League Applications and Supplements

We all know it’s application season. It’s the time to write college essays, ask for recommendations, and still find time to study hard to get great grades. If you’re applying to the Ivy League you should know exactly when the deadlines are so you’re have enough time to finish the application and look over it. You could look through all the websites or admissions packets you got for your top schools, or you could have all that information at your fingertips right here.

Table for Deadlines to Ivy League

We compiled all the deadlines for when applications (early and regular), supplements, and financial aid applications are due for the best schools in the country. We also decided to add the SAT (CEEB) and ACT school codes for each school just in case you still need to take the SAT or ACT and are looking everywhere for the school code. Most schools on the list accept the Common Application which makes it easier to apply to multiple schools using the same application. Be aware that even those schools which accept the Common App still probably require that you send in a supplement. We hope this information is helpful for all the seniors applying to college and anyone who is curious.

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